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Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi

Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi

Do you want to know Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi then this is the best place to get Top 10 lists of different categories. So now you get Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi

Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi

1).Red Fortred-fort

The Red Fort is one of the outstanding historical monuments located in the centre of New Delhi. Built and named Lal Qila by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the monument has majestic walls made of Red sandstones. This is the major reason; it got the Red Fort later. The monument stands as a house for a number of museums. The significance of the Red Fort is well known to all the Indians. Every year, on the Independence Day, the Prime Minster of our country hoists the national flag at the main gate of the Red Fort.

2). Humayun’s Tomb

The story is that when Humayun died, he was buried at his palace at Purana Quila at Delhi. It was at this time during the battles to capture Delhi, the Hindu king “Hemu” had defeated the Mughals in Agra and Delhi in 1556 and had captured Purana Quila. It was thought that he would damage the tomb so before the battles began, his body was taken to Sirhind in Punjab. However this did not happen and hence it was decided that he would be buried in a special tomb. Hence a tomb was built and his body was brought back and reburied at the purpose built mausoleum. The construction of the tomb of Humayun began in 1569 and was completed in 1572, 9 years after the death of Humayun where his body was finally laid to rest.


3). Qutab Minarqutub-minar

Qutub minar situated in Delhi, india.it’s the world’s tallest brick minnaret with height of 72.5m.Prithviraj chauhan built qutub minar for his daughter to see yamuna.but later construction commenced by outbuddin aybak who won delhi from prithviraj under muhammad as his commanda in chief and finished by lltunish.



4). Bahai (Lotus) Templelotus-temple

Before we start the history I must want to tell one thing about lotus temple that it is most visited monuments in India. Construction of bahai temple is completed in year of 1986. You must be interested why it is named lotus temple. Many of people are saying that this temple looks like a lotus in shape and because of it is known as lotus temple. But this is half-truth. Lotus is a symbol of love and purity. It gives the message of immortality. And because of this bahai temple is designed like a lotus flower and it is known as lotus temple.


5). Lodi Gardenslodi-garden

The Lodi Gardens, containing the tombs of Mohammed Shah and Sikander Lodi, Sheesh Gumbad and the Bara Gumbad, is currently under protection of the Archeological Survey of India.Mohammed Shah’s tomb was one of the earliest ones to be built in the Lodi Gardens as Ala-ud-din Alam Shah built it in 1444, to pay tribute to the king. The tomb of Sikander Lodi was built in 1517, by Ibrahim Lodi, Sikander Lodi’s son and the Sultan of Delhi of the Lodi Dynasty. Ibrahim Lodi’s defeat to Babur in 1526, in the First battle of Panipat laid the foundation for the Mughal Empire. The garden then underwent many renovations and improvements under different Mughal emperors, depending on the purpose they used it for. The fact that not much architectural work survives at present from the Sayyid and Lodi dynasties increases the historical importance of the Lodi Gardens along with its need for preservation.

6). Swaminarayan Akshardham Templeakshardham

‘Akshardham’ means the divine abode of God. It is hailed as an eternal place of devotion, purity and peace. Swaminarayan Akshardham at New Delhi is a Mandir – an abode of God, a Hindu house of worship, and a spiritual and cultural campus dedicated to devotion, learning and harmony. Timeless Hindu spiritual messages, vibrant devotional traditions and ancient architecture all are echoed in its art and architecture.The mandir is a humble tribute to Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781- 1830), the avatars, devas and great sages of Hinduism. The traditionally-styled complex was inaugurated on 6 November 2005 with the blessings of HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj and through the devoted efforts of skilled artisans and volunteers.


7). India Gateindia-gate

The ‘India Gate’ is the national monument of India. It is in New Delhi, India. Gate was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was built in 1931. The 42-metre tall India Gate is situated in such a way that many important roads spread out from it.
It is built of Red Sandstone and Granite. Originally known as the All India War Memorial, it is a prominent landmark in Delhi and commemorates the 90,000 soldiers of the Indian Army who lost their lives while fighting for the Indian Empire, or more correctly the British Raj in World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War.


8). Iskon temple iskcon-temple

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir generally known as the ISKCON Delhi temple, is a well known Vaishnav temple of Lord Krishna and Radharani in the form of Radha Parthasarathi. Opened in 1998, it is located at Hare Krishna Hills, in the East of Kailash area of New Delhi, India.It is one of the top tourist place in Delhi to visit.


9). jantar mantarjantar-mantar

Jantar Mantar located in Delhi is considered as one of the major five observatories which was built by the Maharaja of Jaipur – Sawai Jai Singh II who was also a famous and noble in the Mughal court and a great astronomer. The Jantar Mantar was constructed to trace the whole astronomical phenomena and to ascertain all the scientific data from the same region. The observatory in the capital city Delhi which emphasizes the thirst for overall scientific knowledge of the famous Mughals. After the construction of Jantar Mantar, the observatory was operational for seven years. Data of each day was well collected and then charted and devoted to the renowned reigning emperor. The name ‘Jantar Mantar’ is a proper colloquial form of the actual terms ‘yantar’and ‘mantra’.


10). jama masjidjama-masjid-delhi

jama masjid also include in Top 10 Best Historical Places To Visit In Delhi. The mosque was the result of the efforts of over 5,000 workers, over a period of seven years. Use of white marble, wide stair cases and arched gateways are the hallmark of this popular mosque. The mosque has a vast paved rectangular courtyard, which is nearly 75 m by 66 m. Its courtyard has the capacity to hold nearly 25,000 worshipers. The central courtyard is accessible from the East.


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