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Top 8 Most Popular Pizza Chain In India

Top 8 Most Popular Pizza Chain In India

Do you want to know which is the best pizza chain in India then here we tell you about Top 8 Most Popular Pizza Chain In India.

Top 8 Most Popular Pizza Chain In India

1). Dominos Pizza

Domino’s pizza India has main focused on delivering pizza of the best quality to its customer. Domino’s pizza also offer Home delivery service to its customer.

Dominos Pizza-min

2). Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant. Pizza Hut offer different pizza styles with different dishes to its customer.

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3). Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza

Smokins’ pizza mainly focuses on pizza and pizza related product such as sandwich pizza. Smokin’ pizza offers both type of feature in pizza i.e Vegetarian and meat. It also offers other products to its customer i.e. garlic bread, open subs, desserts, salad and beverages.

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4). US Pizza

Us Pizza is owned by United State Restaurant Limited. Us Pizza has pioneered the freshly baked pizza and home delivery in India.

US Pizza-min

5). Papa John’s Pizza

Papa john’s has ranked third largest company in the world. Papa John’s pizza also offers better quality of pizza to its customer.

Papa John’s Pizza-min

6). Pizza Corner

Pizza corner has established the goodwill to deliver pizza to its customer in 39 minutes. Pizza Corner also offer other product to its customer i.e. pastas, salad and desserts.

Pizza Corner-min

7). California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is specialist in  Pizzas, Pastas, Salads and appetizers.

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8). Sal’s Pizza

Sal’s Pizza offer different kind of pizza to its customer i.e. Table Pizza, Famous Famiglia, Debonairs Pizza, Manhattan Pizza and Eagle boys Pizza etc.

Sal’s Pizza-min

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